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What is USAP (The United States Student Achievers Program)

The United States Student Achievers Program (USAP)
was established in 1999 with the strong belief that all talented international students, regardless of economic background, should have equal educational opportunities as well as access to resources at colleges and universities that offer need and merit-based international student financial aid. As the number of students in the USAP program increased, a sense of camaraderie and family began to develop among the students and those who passed through the program felt the need to extend the help they had received onto incoming classes. This help has been in form of informational resources, mentorship and financial assistance.

As most USAP students require full or nearly full financial assistance in order to attend any institution of higher learning, it is usually quite impossible for students to manage on their own. However, the USAP body of students is as talented as it is innovative. The UsapTrust was therefore formed to cater for this need to give back and the necessity for financial help that exists among the many talented students. Several recently graduated and currently enrolled students now make monthly or more frequent contributions and intervene on behalf of incoming classes.

USAP aims to build a cohort of open-minded, skilled and well educated future leaders. On return to their home countries, USAP students are committed to sharing their knowledge and experience in order to improve their communities. In addition, as an alumni program, they will be mentors for future USAP students. To date, there are USAP programs in countries on 4 continents including Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Jamaica, Madagascar, Mongolia, Nigeria, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Mozambique and Ethiopia launched USAP programs in 2011. Several other countries are considering launching USAP programs in 2012. Presently all information about USAP in the aforementioned countries that is not listed below can be obtained by contacting us.
Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
Brazil, São Paulo
Colombia, Armenia
Ecuador, Quito
Ethiopia, Adis Ababa
Jamaica, Kingston
Madagascar, Antananarivo

For More Information : http://www.usapglobal.org