Full tuition scholarships for 2018-2019 academic session in any of related courses in education.

Brandeis University : Scholarships and Fellowships

Brandeis maintains a strong need-based scholarship and fellowship program.

To be considered for an institutional scholarship, a student must submit the CSS/PROFILE, available from College Board. Even those students from families with strong financial resources are encouraged to file the CSS/PROFILE; many scholarship holders at Brandeis report family incomes of $100,000 or more.

Following is a list of all merit scholarship opportunities offered by Brandeis to undergraduate students.

With the exception of the Brandeis Achievement Award, which is offered only to rising juniors, these scholarships are offered to entering first-year students only.

Consult your merit scholarship notification letter for the expiration policy that applies to your particular award.

Brandeis Achievement Award
Brandeis-Sponsored National Merit Scholarship
The Leonard Bernstein Fellowship
Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship
Fannie Penikoff Scholarship
Stroum Family Waltham Scholars

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