Tuition Fees Around Europe

Tuition fees and fundingAustria does not charge EU members for many of its postgraduate programs, however some courses charge up to around €800 per year so look up your course to see what you will have to pay. Costs may be more for international students.

-Belgium charges around €900 per year for its postgraduate courses although there is a lot of funding to apply for that will reduce this cost. Again costs can be higher for international students.

-Bulgaria charges foreign nationals up to €3,500 for most of its postgraduate courses, however as living costs are relatively cheap here it could be an option worth considering if you can find an interesting course.

-Cyprus charges master’s tuition fees of around €400 per annum for EU students and over €5,000 for non-EU students.

-Denmark does not charge EU students to study. Otherwise it is upwards of €6,000.

-In Finland study is free to EU students. Fees will apply for non EU-students.

-France typically charges around €245 for its master’s programs but funding is readily available and it is worth noting that Paris recently topped the QS list as the best student city in the world!

-Germany charges all students €500 for its postgraduate courses which is the same amount as a German national pays. Funding is available.

-Ireland charges all students tuition fees of between €4,000 and €10,000 so is not a cheap option in terms of tuition fees, however there are many funding options available to reduce these fees and some courses – for example those in ICT are set much lower to around €2,500.

-Iceland does not charge EU students fees however there is a small registration fee of around €200. Extra charges are usually applicable for international students.

-Italy charges all of its master’s students tuition fees from around €2,000 up to as much as €16,000 for many courses.

-Lithuania typically charges €2,000-€3,000 for master’s courses, but funding is available.

-Luxembourg does not charge tuition fees but there is a small registration fee applicable like Iceland. Costs may be higher for international students.

-The Netherlands charges EU students around €2,000 for its courses and around €8,000 to non-EU students.

-Norway does not charge tuition fees for its postgraduate programs although there will be a registration fee of around €300.

-In Poland postgraduate study is free is you are Polish, for everyone else courses cost between €2,000 and €6,000.

-Portugal charges around €950 for master’s courses and up to €3,000 for a PhD.

-Spanish course fees are some of the lowest in Europe for international students as you pay on a ‘per credit’ basis at €9.50 per credit typically making courses cost around €2,000.

-Sweden does not charge EU members tuition fees although non -EU students will pay around €9,700 for a master’s course.

-In Switzerland all foreign nationals must pay tuition fees which are typically between €800 and €3,000. There is also a registration fee to pay.

Tuition fees in the United Kingdom range from £6,000 to £10,000 (€7,200 to €12,100) – although costs can get considerably higher depending on the institution and the postgraduate program. Funding is available.

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